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I loved my experience with DIY.

I was a little nervous at first, because I was not sure how my ego would react to the feedback process, but I was mesmerized by Jess’ feedback!

This is the kind of feedback that you can’t get at a competition.
Laura Aronoff

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does DIY Work?
Who did you create DIY for?

We created DIY for any dancer that is hungry to grow, evolve and improve. We believe that dance competitions are an important part of the dance world, but we also believe that many of them have fallen out of touch with what is important. For us, it is important that a dancer gains information about their craft and that they are given tools to help them improve themselves.

Why did you create DIY?

The biggest reason we created DIY is to create a CONNECTION between the dancers and the mentors. We also believe that dance is art, and sometimes comparing your art to another person’s art makes you feel bad. We want dancers everywhere to feel proud of who they are and share their gifts with the world confidently! We hope DIY will help you do that for YOURSELF!

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