Dance it Yourself is a platform to get work-in-progress feedback on solos and improv from amazing mentors.

Refine a dance for competition, or get general feedback to improve your craft– from anywhere in the world.

The ultimate competition is the one you have with yourself!

Our mentors are dancers, teachers and choreographers who care about helping others grow.

We all believe that through meaningful critique and communication, dancers can inspire one another.

We provide a platform for any dancer to connect with respected professionals through video critique.

Right now, each dance is $45. That may change in the future.

We think this is an amazing opportunity, especially at that rate, and we'd love for you try us out and give us feeback.

Thanks for looking into us, and please spread the word!

“I wanted a way to connect aspiring, young dancers with people that I know can help them grow into their potential. But there wasn’t a way... so we made one.”

Allison Thomas Founder

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